Cloud Computing
Designed for Speed and Security

Powered by Linode Cloud® and DigitalOcean®

Your new web App is hosted on a fully managed world class Cloud VPS's. Monitored, updated, secured and backed-up 24/7. This is topped by insane hardware, incomparable performance and 99.99% up time... Complete peace of mind!


Nginx Frontend

Nginx as your public-facing webserver for amazing performance, security and reliability. Apache is also enabled giving you full .htaccess control

KVM Virtualization

KVM virtualized VPS are designed to address a very high level of security, performance and scalability.

Native SSD Storage

Like a memory stick, there are no moving parts to an SSD. Instead, information is stored in microchips making retrieval lightning quick!


Originally developed by Google to reduce page load time, HTTP/2 multiplexes the transfer of web page resources so only one connection per client is required.

PHP-FPM + OPcache

Installed, PHP 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, and 7.0 + OPcache which improves PHP performance by storing pre-compiled script bytecode in shared memory.

Cloudflare Ready

Increase performance and protect your apps from a range of online threats from spammers to SQL injection to DDOS (Recommended)

PHP 7.1 now available... up to 70% Faster!
PHP 7 is based on the PHPNG project (PHP Next-Gen), that was led by Zend to speed up PHP applications. The performance gains realized from PHP 7 are huge! They vary between 25% and 70% on real-world apps, and all of that just from upgrading PHP, without having to change a single line of code!



Malicious traffic is blocked by iptables firewall. There are no extra open ports since no bloated control panels are installed.

SFTP by Default

FTP is unsecured and not allowed. Instead SFTP connects your server using the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol. SFTP is very easy to use.

Free SSL Certificate

Each assignment we develop and/or host includes a free Security Certificate for the duration of the account... Worry free!