Responsive design and web App development
Roger Remacle
Walkinweb co-founder

Design like crazy... Then relax!

Our History

In 2003 we designed and coded Alleycode HTML Editor. Written in C++ Alleycode went on to win numerous prestigious awards including selection by PCWorld Magazine as one of the best 101 freebies of 2006. With over 2.5 million downloads, Alleycode became (and is still utilized to some degree as a legacy editor) webmasters, teachers and students the goto tool to build professional websites!

As the Internet evolved, our business and programming focus shifted from Windows to Linux and Unix for development. Updates to Alleycode ended in 2008. Alleycode is no longer available for download.

2008 saw the birth of Walkinweb Inc. Walkinweb deployed a three year experimental retail operation offering design, hosting and domain registration. The focus was on high speed hosting and web design (both hand coded and CMS). State of the art software and hardware were developed and deployed to handle extreme hosting capacity with 100% up-time.

2009-10 saw a shift toward Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for security, speed and business model separation ie: Don't run your Apps, Websites and Email on the same server (all eggs in one basket is a bad idea).

Today, Walkinweb's primary focus is in design, development and deployment of Responsive and Mobile web applications on high end Cloud Systems like Linode Cloud and Digital Ocean VPS infrastructure.

The people!

As of this writing our team is, headed by Roger and Naoko Remacle and supported by a dedicated team of technicians and coders. If you have any questions about our products and services don't hesitate to ask.

Built and managed on Vancouver Island (Victoria) BC, Canada.